Quinisha Fells, the Washington DC based stylist behind Quinnissential Style & Media, works with individuals who are looking to take their style to the next level. She offers personal, event, and virtual styling as well as wardrobe revamping - to help women look and feel their best. Quinisha’s styling services allow women to not only feel better about their wardrobe, but also feel educated and capable of maintaining a beautiful, organized wardrobe on their own.

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Closet Sweep

Quinnissential Style is here to give you a fresh start with your personal style and meet you where it all begins – your closet! We'll work together to get your style journey off to a great start and redefine any styling dilemmas standing in your way.

Wardrobe Revamp

Do you want to redefine your style? Do you feel like you need some general help in choosing what pieces work for you and your body type? If so then the answer is simple, you need a personal stylist and we would love to help.

Event Styling

Do you have a special event or engagement coming up and need help selecting an outfit that will keep you as the topic of conversation for the night. Well QSM would love to assist. We'll have a personal styling session in the comfort of your home!

Virtual Styling

QSM offers our virtual styling service, which offers the client the convenience of being able to be styled using technology. This service gives you all of the benefits of having a personal stylist by your side without having to leave your home.


IF you are an entrepreneur or even just starting out as a new business owner looking to reach new heights and want to dress for the part, but may not have the time or desire to shop.

IF you have found yourself putting the same outfits into your everyday rotation or every event.

IF you have had the thought that you would love to take a risk and try something out of the ordinary, but constantly second-guessing.

IF you simply don’t know where to start and want a fresh start!

IF this resonates with you, then lets get started! I would love to be YOUR stylist! 





I will help you regain the confidence to step in front of a crowd at work, feel like a million bucks at a social event or just give you the style you always dreamed of, all through the development of your personal style. We will eliminate those “nothing to wear” moments from happening again. In addition, the best part is that we come to you, allowing for total convenience and one-on one attention.  So if you are ready for a fun filled transformation click below to get started!